Arabia: Crossroad of Ancient Civilizations, MFAH, Houston, February 7


Date: February 7, 2014Arabic art

Time: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Presented by Frances Marzio, curator of the Glassell Collections; Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas; and Antiquities.

From ancient times, Saudi Arabia was a meeting place for powerful cultures and exotic exchanges. When and where divergent cultures make contact, artists often create wonderful hybrids. As the place of the Prophet Mohammed’s birth and death, Saudi Arabia is the holiest destination for pilgrims. The lives of ordinary and extraordinary pilgrims are revealed on tombstones inscribed in calligraphy from the ninth to the twelfth centuries. Beautiful stone scripture reveals the poetry of prayer. The monumental gilded silver door of the Ka’ba, the most important shrine in Islam, stands as a center of faith.

For centuries, the spice and incense trade brought enormous wealth to the area. Stone sculptures, ceramics, and works of precious metals and colorful glass tell this story. And in 1932, King Abdulaziz united his lands to form the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, using the area’s great natural resource—petroleum—to make the kingdom wealthy and influential. His royal regalia reveals his personal and political story.

In this lecture, Frances Marzio explores works of art—many discovered during archaeological excavations over the last forty years—that illustrate the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This lecture is presented in conjunction with Roads of Arabia: Archaeology and History of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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