Home Design: Open Your Door to the Swedish Invasion

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Home Design: Open Your Door to the Swedish Invasion

by Amy Lignor


The Scandinavian people have a lot of awesome things going for them: Number 1 is the chocolate; we can all agree on that. However, when it comes to home décor, they also seem to have the new “concept” (an old concept to them) that is taking America’s interior designers by storm.

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Lagom is the concept, which is a Swedish word meaning “just the right amount.” Look around your home. Are there so many knickknacks filling up your spaces that it would take a week of tag sales being held each and every day just to get rid of half of the stuff that’s in your way? Are there haphazard collections covering almost every amount of bare space in the house? And when it comes to colors, do you have a rainbow of them that makes feel more like you’re living under the “big top” than living in say…suburbia? If there is a “yes” answer to any of these, then you will most likely jump aboard the “lagom” train.


There have been books written about the Swedish “balanced” life and why they are so happy. One of the biggest reasons is because they like things simple; they take things in moderation and do not overwhelm their lives – they balance them. And most designers are stating that in the U.S., very soon conscious buying and slow design will take center stage and everyone will want to “clean up” their living spaces in order to achieve that balanced, happy life. Here are just a few design techniques that will grow in popularity over the coming months.


Although everyone always seems to have that cellphone in front of their face, or the laptop sitting in their lap as they play games, check email, race across Facebook, etc., there will soon be designated tech-free spaces in the home. In other words, lagom will be the design concept that has people creating a personal sanctuary where they can go and take a deep breath in order to relax and shut-off from the social media world. It will be a highly-personalized space that is warm and welcoming, and has absolutely no phones, televisions, or computers to mess it up. The palette will be soothing greys and whites that will perfectly offset the natural textures of linens, blankets, and rustic wood furniture that you choose to bring that peaceful space to life.


Another trend will be using what was once called storage containers as actual art. A shelf; a basket; designer clothing racks – what were once organizers that were placed in closets will now become focal points in the room.


“Cottage Culture” is another Scandinavian trend to look out for to end 2017 and begin 2018. With this, you will see more design and décor involving communal eating and living spaces, minimalistic tableware and specialty lamps that simulate natural daylight in the darkest corners of the room. This is a way of staying balanced and clean, having just the right amount of furnishings without getting overcrowded, and giving off that air of sharing within the household.


And speaking of lighting, what was once thought to be an Asian décor trend – the big paper lanterns – are now going to be part of the “lagom” life. The lighting they give off is almost ethereal and they create a whimsical feel in any room, hanging above a table and out of the way so that no clutter has to be on counters or tabletops.


When it comes to the new “must have” color palette for all rooms, the lagom concept will be it and turn walls into the clean grey and white aesthetic that can be found all over Scandinavia. Now, you have to understand, grey is not a boring, bleak color, as some would have you believe. In fact, there is a rainbow of greys to choose from that provide a neutral, monochromatic, yet stunning appeal and makes for the perfect, non-cluttered background to show the artwork you love.


What is one “odd” inspired element that will be part of the Swedish trend? Believe it or not, feathers. Designers will tell you that there is a full-blown feather “epidemic” going on in Swedish design right now, which will be a part of our new lagom trend. From adding feather motifs to walls, wallpapers with feather designs, even bedding – feathers will be a lovely accent to any room.


But as you join the Swedish invasion, turning your house into the calm sanctuary that is all about having “not too little, yet not too much,” make sure to complete the rooms with the number one thing that part of the world has brought to us. Make sure that beautiful crystal bowl of chocolates is right where you can reach it at all times.


Source:  BaretNewsWire.com

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