Tips for Breaking in a New Outboard

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Tips for Breaking in a New Outboard

By Craig Lamb


You just purchased a new boat and look forward to getting out on the water. You fantasize the rush of throttling up, watching the bow rise and take plane, the thrill of gliding across the lake on a sunny day.

All the above is what boating is all about. Just don’t go too fast, literally. Today’s high-tech outboards need a break-in period. Believe it or not, following the process actually adds life to the outboard.

Yamaha Outboards are easy to break in, and best of all, you can still enjoy your first boating experience. Call it a getting-to-know-you first date. Take it slow and go from there.

Here are three easy steps you can take to get your new boating experience started off right.


First hour

Launch the boat and idle outside the no-wake zone. Avoid the temptation to throttle up. Run the engine no more than 2,000 RPM. You can stop and go fishing, enjoy a snack, or just take in the great weather that comes with boating. Just be sure to keep the engine at the recommended RPM during the hour. Leaving the engine in neutral, allowing it to idle for that first hour doesn’t count. The engine needs a load to thoroughly begin the break-in process.

Second hour

Next, we move it up a little bit … just enough throttle to get boat up on plane. For most boats and outboards that’s around 3,000 RPM. Avoid full throttle operation and vary the speed. You can stop, fish and take a break, just total up the time to one hour at the recommended RPM.

Next 8 hours

Now you can fully enjoy the ride. Operate the engine and boat normally with one exception. Avoid exceeding more than 5 minutes of full throttle operation until reaching the full 10 hours of operation. Remember, if you can continue the break-in process over multiple trips.

From then on you can operate the boat normally and enjoy all the performance, fuel economy and dependability of a Yamaha Outboard. Just remember that after break-in that you are already midway through the first scheduled service of 20 hours.

At you can find a complete resource guide for keeping your outboard in tip-top shape. The Maintenance Matters page has links to Interval Maintenance, Engine Oil & Lube, Extended Storage and Fuel and Fuel Systems. Over a dozen topics are covered, and you can download the Maintenance Matters brochure.




Original Source: Sportsmans


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