Dog Found Dead with Legs Tied Together in Neuces County

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by Denise Carey-Costa

Neuces County Animal Control in Texas is saying no foul play or abuse was indicated when a dog was found dead on the side of a road with its legs bound together with tie down straps. A necrospy report by a local veterinarian indicated the dog did not die as a result of any animal cruelty or neglect. Because the dog had been dead for at least 24-hours, there was no way to determine the specific cause of death.

Citizen Kathy Vinson, however takes a different view after finding the dog in the early morning hours of May 2. She saw the dog on County Road 52 about 50 yards from County Road 73 next to a grain field. She did not turn the dog’s lifeless body over, however claims there were injuries on the underside of the dog’s body along with blood and torn black fur nearby. Kathy posted the dog’s photo on Facebook later that day. Multiple calls came into Animal Control.

Juan Ramirez, the manager of Neuces County Animal Control, stated his agency does not suspect animal cruelty as supported by the necropsy; there were no scars on the dog, no blood nor any evidence of foul play. Ramirez theorizes the dog died in someone’s back yard, and a person later tied the dog’s legs to lift the animal and dump it on the side of the road; a practice common with hunters when carrying an animal’s carcass. He also believes the dog had been dead for a while. There was no microchip and no other ID.

It is illegal to dump any animal’s body on the side of a road or in fact, anywhere else.

Kathy stands by her belief that this dog was abused and then dumped by the side of the road. In a public statement on social media she claimed, “The public needs to see this reality that is all too often seen in South Texas.”

Kathy Vinson wants justice for this dog. The Corpus Christie Citizens Crime Watch posted about the dog on their Facebook page with hopes that someone may recognize the dog and come forward with information.

Kathy is urging everyone to continue to share the disturbing image of the bound dog. Someone somewhere knows something. If you recognize this dog, please contact the Neuces County Animal Control at 361-387-5701 or message the Corpus Christie Citizens Crime Watch via their Facebook page. They respond to all tips.

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– First posted in Pet Rescue Report

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